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A Maryland accident attorney needs a different approach to truck accidents.

In the United States, there are three crashes a minute involving a truck, or some type of commercial vehicle. In each of theses situations, someone is injured or killed. Any maryland accident attorney who undertakes such a case must be prepared to handle the specific and unique considerations associated with it. There are specific commercial vehicle laws that must be consulted.
In addition to State mandates, the federal government outlines very detailed requirements concerning truck maintenance, use of commercial vehicles and driver licensing. Most large trucks carry “black boxes” which measure and record truck data such as, speed, number of consecutive hours driven, miles driven, etc. This information often proves priceless in an injury claim.
A good attorney must also be prepared for the uncommon practice of defendants destroying evidence. Some trucking companies or individuals will try to delete information from “black boxes” or engage in other destructive activity in order to protect themselves. In the event that this happens, a plaintiff can acquire a spoliation instruction from a judge. What this order basically says is that it is assumed that all information destroyed was favorable to the victim.
Another consideration is whether or not the hiring company is also liable under the negligent entrustment or negligent supervision theory. This comes into play if they did not properly screen or train the driver. There may also be grounds for a claim of negligent maintenance which alleges that the company or driver failed to properly maintain the truck.
If you’ve been involved in a truck accident contact us right away and let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

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