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D C Accident Attorney Wants These Safety Items in Your Vehicle

As D C accident attorneys, we naturally want to be the first people you call if you’re involved in an automobile crash. But more importantly, we prefer that you avoid hazardous situations by being prepared. Put these items in your car to remove or minimize accidents.
• Flashlight. Trying to do something in the dark is a prescription for disaster unless you have a flashlight to show the way. When it’s night, this tool can help you find an earring that’s rolled under the front seat, or reveal a loose connection in your car’s electrical system. Look for a flashlight with a red blinker that you can use as an emergency warning light.
• Tire inflator in a can. When you suffer a flat, you should ideally be able to substitute a spare for the damaged tire. But if your car never had a spare to begin with, or if you’re wearing your best office or dress clothes, you may not want to go through the hassle. The tire inflator in a can seals any minor holes quickly and fills your tire with enough air to allow you to drive for several miles, preferably to a gas station or repair shop.
• Comfortable walking shoes. It never fails: while you’re wearing your best dress shoes or heals, your car runs out of gas. You must then walk a mile or two with your fuel container to get gas. If you have comfortable walking shoes stored in the trunk, you can change into the pair before beginning your trek. Your feet will thank you for doing so.
• Fire extinguisher. If your car is involved in an accident, it or the other vehicle may burst into flames for a host of reasons, such as a leaking fuel line. An extinguisher can quickly douse the fire before they burst into a conflagration that consumes both vehicles. Have your extinguisher checked at least once a year and recharged as necessary. Otherwise, it may not work when you need it.
If you need more help on what to do after a car accident, especially after you’re injured, please contact us.

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