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In a Motorcycle Accident with Your Vintage or Custom Bike? Get the Insurance Settlement You Deserve.

If you’re in a motorcycle accident that results in damage to your bike, it’s important to find an attorney to represent you that is familiar with the diminution in value that results from an accident.
Even if your injuries from the accident weren’t severe, your motorcycle may be damaged and in need of repair. Our office can help you get your bike fixed quickly, so that you can be back on the road with your bike looking better than ever.
We understand that if you ride a custom or vintage bike, these repairs can’t be done just anywhere. You’ll need to take your bike to a professional that’s experienced with the specific type of bike you own, not simply drop it off at the mechanic that the other party’s insurance company recommends. They may not be experienced with motorcycles at all – and certainly not with a bike as specialized as yours.
We also know that vintage motorcycles or motorcycles that have had customization done can be worth far more than their book value, and parts and labor can be quite expensive. The at-fault party’s insurance should also pay to replace your leathers, helmet, and any other safety equipment that was damaged in the accident. We’ll help ensure you get the money you need to replace your bike and equipment.
Unfortunately, many insurance companies don’t recognize these simple details. If you’ve been offered a settlement amount that’s far less than your motorcycle is worth, contact us today to learn about your options. We’ll work with you to help you get the money you need to get your bike back on the road.

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