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Maryland Accident Attorney Discusses Property Damage Evaluation

In some cases, property damage is excessive due to the nature of an accident. Depending on the type of vehicle, speed of the crash, and the accident environment, damage to your truck or car can be financially devastating. If you have had an accident in Maryland, it is important to speak with a reputable accident attorney to secure compensation for repairs and other damages.
Evaluating property damage can be more complicated than many individuals realize. Everything from external damage, damage to items inside the vehicle, and how resale value will be effected must come into account during value determination.
Determining Property Damage
• Be sure to take photographs of the vehicle directly following the accident. Pictures should include the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Be sure to take close ups and photos from a distance.
• Make a list of any personal property inside the vehicle that may have been damaged due to the accident. This can include items such as a MP3 player, personal computer, cell phone, briefcase, etc.
• Always take note of your personal account of the accident. It is important to write the details of your accident down as soon as possible. As time passes, you may forget important information due to stress and shock.
• Contact your attorney. Your attorney will compile all the information you have collected. He or she will also contact your insurance company on your behalf to discuss settlement information.
Your attorney may decide an expert should examine your vehicle and its contents. This will help your lawyer establish total property damage. When the process is complete, your attorney will negotiate with your insurance company concerning your medical bills, total property damage, and possible vehicle diminished value concerns. In addition, your attorney will also add current and future wage loss, possible long term medical care costs, and compensation for your pain and suffering.
For more information on how to seek compensation after an accident, contact the experts at the Law Office of John Critzos, II. Mr Critzos has extensive experience in handling personal injury and accident compensation claims. Please visit our site for more FREE information regarding personal injury and accident litigation.

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