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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Advises Riders to Watch for Autumn Hazards

Fall is the season of transition from enjoyable and comfortable summer riding to the winter when most motorcyclists store their bikes. During this transition, the days get shorter and colder, trees lose their leaves, and weather patterns change. These changes […] » Read More

Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Offering Pedestrian Safety Tips

In mid-August, a 15-year-old pedestrian was struck by a vehicle and killed in Hebron, Maryland. The teen reportedly ran into the street, stumbled, and fell before being hit by the vehicle. If you are someone who often walks places, there […] » Read More

Prince George’s County Accident Lawyer Examines the Dangers of Indian Head Highway

Indian Head Highway (Maryland Route 210) has been referred to as the greater DC area’s “most dangerous road” in this recent local news piece. It isn’t the first time people have called attention to the higher rate of fatal accidents […] » Read More

DC Accident Lawyer Explains Two Lesser-Known Effects of Distracted Driving

For many people, distracted driving means taking your eyes off the road. This definition implies that the danger is restricted to not seeing the road during the time when your eyes are directed elsewhere. However, distracted driving involves more dangers […] » Read More

Maryland accident lawyer warns drivers about the repercussions of road rage

Road rage incidents are unfortunately frequent; they’re regularly reported in the news and shared on social media platforms like Facebook. Just recently in the greater DC area and Maryland, we’ve seen news stories about one driver allegedly shooting another, arrests […] » Read More

Eastern Shore Accident Attorney on Motorcycle Eye Protection

Motorcyclists should be familiar with motorcycle helmets and why they are important. Many people are alive today because of the head protection they wore in an accident. The motorcycle helmet absorbs the impact shock when a rider falls to the […] » Read More

Montgomery County accident attorney on tailgating

As annoying as it is when one driver is practically on top of your back bumper, this behavior can also be dangerous. Tailgating isn’t just a bad driving habit, it’s against the law in most states. If a car accident […] » Read More

Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses Motorcycle Safety Around Semi-Trucks

In a traffic accident, the motorcycle’s small size compared to four-wheeled vehicles places it at a disadvantage. This is one reason motorcycle fatalities are so high. However, this disadvantage is magnified twenty-fold between motorcycles and semi-trucks. In some types of accidents, […] » Read More

DC accident attorney looks into “pedestrian scramble” proposals

Figuring out how to help pedestrians and vehicles share the road is a difficult problem. DC, for example, has committed to Vision Zero – an initiative pushing to eliminate traffic fatalities in the city by 2024. Part of the Vision […] » Read More

Common Contributing Factors to Truck Accidents

Car accidents are terrifying in general, but a trucking accident is just that much worse. We see it more than ever thanks to social media like Facebook, when a truck collides with a smaller vehicle like a car, the damage […] » Read More


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