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Two Squads Disabled While Officers Escape Injury In Crash Noted By Charles County Accident Lawyer

A recent accident in Charles County resulted in a suspected drunk driver ramming his vehicle into two patrol cars parked along the side of the road. Fortunately, the officers escaped without injury, although their vehicles were disabled in the crash. […] » Read More

Witness Assistance In Hit-and-run Incident Noted By St Marys County Accident Lawyer

A witness to a hit-and-run accident in Great Mills demonstrated an unusual degree of persistence on Feb. 15. The efforts of this witness were even more helpful because it turned out that the alleged hit-and-run motorist was driving with her […] » Read More

Don’t Lose Your Temper on the Highway warns Maryland Personal Injury Attorney

You know only too well the signs of an aggressive driver. He (because such drivers are usually male) shares the road with everyone else and yet behaves as if he’s the only one there. He zooms into every open space […] » Read More

Serious Gaithersburg Pedestrian Accident Noted By Montgomery County Accident Attorney

A two-car crash in Gaithersburg also involved two pedestrians on a sidewalk. Montgomery County Police have initially blamed excessive speed for the collision and subsequent loss of life that occurred in the afternoon of Friday, Jan. 24. Collision at a […] » Read More

Why bodily injury liability insurance is essential as well as mandatory

Bodily injury is defined as an injury that is inflicted on a person as a result of someone’s negligence. Very often bodily injury results from automobile accidents, which means that the person who is at fault needs to carry bodily […] » Read More

To Avoid Personal Injury, Don’t Run that Red Light

Do you leave for work as late as possible, hoping to make up for lost time by driving fast? Is a yellow light a signal for you to speed up? Do you make quick right turns on red lights without […] » Read More

Tragic Crash On Veterans Highway Noted By Anne Arundel County Accident Attorney

Veterans Highway, just south of the Crain Highway, was the site of the first fatal crash in Anne Arundel County in 2014. In the two-car collision in Millersville, a BMW was heading south on Veterans Highway on the morning of […] » Read More

DC Accident Lawyers asks if You Should Help the Victim of a Car Crash

What does one do if another is hurt seriously in a crash? In simpler times, the answer to that question would be instant and obvious. But today’s highly litigious society gives you pause. The law is on your side. It […] » Read More

DC accident attorney urges caution about driving in winter weather conditions

For people living in DC and its environs, 2014 started with a massive storm that hit the East Coast. Even though the snow accumulation around DC wasn’t comparable to the build-up in places such as Boston, similar problems exist along […] » Read More

Maryland Accident Attorney Discusses Property Damage Evaluation

In some cases, property damage is excessive due to the nature of an accident. Depending on the type of vehicle, speed of the crash, and the accident environment, damage to your truck or car can be financially devastating. If you […] » Read More


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