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DC Accident Lawyers asks if You Should Help the Victim of a Car Crash

What does one do if another is hurt seriously in a crash? In simpler times, the answer to that question would be instant and obvious. But today’s highly litigious society gives you pause. The law is on your side. It […] » Read More

DC accident attorney urges caution about driving in winter weather conditions

For people living in DC and its environs, 2014 started with a massive storm that hit the East Coast. Even though the snow accumulation around DC wasn’t comparable to the build-up in places such as Boston, similar problems exist along […] » Read More

Maryland Accident Attorney Discusses Property Damage Evaluation

In some cases, property damage is excessive due to the nature of an accident. Depending on the type of vehicle, speed of the crash, and the accident environment, damage to your truck or car can be financially devastating. If you […] » Read More

St Marys County Accident Attorney Explains What to Expect When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Vehicle accidents can be a devastating ordeal. Afer the initial shock of the accident, an individual must begin the long and arduos road to physical and emotional recovery. The healing that comes after the accident should be the focal point […] » Read More

Prince Georges County Accident Lawyer Discusses the Bodily Injury Portion of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

At first glance, one interprets bodily injury as injuries initially sustained during a vehicle or pedestrian accident. Injuries can range from minor to severe in personal injury lawsuits. One must keep in mind the importance of proper diagnosis and treatment […] » Read More

Dealing with a Diminished Value Claim After Vehicle Repair Reimbursement

Receiving compensation for damaged property can become a large part of your insurance claim. After repairs are made to your vehicle, you may be entitled to additional funds for the diminished value of your car or truck. Even though the […] » Read More

DC Accident Lawyer Wants Your Kids Safe in Cars

Modern automobiles are designed to protect their occupants in a crash through the use of seat belts, air bags, and crumple zones. But these features are primarily designed for adults. If you want to keep your little ones safe during […] » Read More

Has An Accident Left you Unable to Work? Personal Injury Attorney Weighs in On Wage Loss

After an accident, the process of securing funds for current and future wage loss becomes an issue. For many, receiving compensation after an accident can be a daunting task; therefore, it is within your best interest to hire an attorney […] » Read More

Why Getting a Lawyer For a Truck Accident is Important

If you or a loved one has been involved with a truck accident, you know of the physical and emotional toll these types of accidents can play on that person, and their entire family. While many truck drivers can be […] » Read More

D C Accident Attorney Wants These Safety Items in Your Vehicle

As D C accident attorneys, we naturally want to be the first people you call if you’re involved in an automobile crash. But more importantly, we prefer that you avoid hazardous situations by being prepared. Put these items in your […] » Read More


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