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Virginia Accident Attorney Gets You The Verdict You Deserve In A Distracted Driver Case

A recent article in the Washington Post gives an account of a seventeen-year-old girl, whose last words over her cell phone before a fatal crash were – “I’m going to crash!” The article reports that distracted driving accidents appear to be a smaller problem than they really are due to the fact that these accidents are underreported.
According to DriveSmart Virginia, 8 out of 10 auto accidents in Virginia are related to distracted driving. In an effort to toughen texting and driving laws in Virginia, the governor has signed a bill that will allow police to stop and cite motorists for this offense effective July 1, 2013. Many feel this law will do little to help solve the problem due to the small fines involved and other limitations of the new law.
What Is Distracted Driving?
Driving is a skill that requires your full attention. You must not only be able to safely control your vehicle, but you must also be able to respond to other things happening on the road around you. Anything that hinders you from the safe operation of your vehicle is a distraction. A driving distraction can cause one or all of three events – (1) taking your eyes off the road; (2) taking your hands off the steering wheel; or (3) taking your mind off driving.
Common Types of Driver Distractions
Use of cell phone or texting – Using a cell phone while operating a vehicle is especially dangerous because it combines all three events mentioned above. Even the use of a hands-free device still contributes to inattention.
Finding directions while driving – No one can pay full attention to the road and the surroundings while trying to read a map or taking a closer look at directions.
Driving to blow off steam – Many people seem to feel that a long drive will help calm them down when they are angry or upset. What they don’t realize is that driving angry can be compared to driving drunk. Their judgment is off and they may not even realize that the accelerator is on the floor.
Distracted drivers cause different types of accidents – motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, car accidents, or pedestrian accidents. Every day, distracted drivers cause collisions that either kill or seriously injure innocent people. Oftentimes these victims are friends or family who are riding with the driver who becomes distracted. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or death as the result of the negligence of a distracted driver, you should seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney immediately.
John Critzos, II is an experienced Personal Injury Attorney who is licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Focusing primarily on personal injury cases, he has handled in excess of 10,000 such cases and stands ready to help you get the verdict you deserve in a distracted driver case. If you or someone you know should ever become a victim of the negligence of some other person, simply call 410-267-1880 or contact us through our website.

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