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When Bikes and Cars Collide: Personal Injury to Cyclists

Cyclists share the road with many different motor vehicles, and have to obey the same laws of the road as drivers. According to Bicyclinginfo.org there are over 57 million cyclists on the road today, with almost 30 percent of those rider over the age of 16. Unfortunately, with so many cyclists on the road, there are times when bikes and cars collide. Often times these accidents can cause personal injury to the cyclists, even with protective gear.
When an accident occurs on the road between a bike and a car, one of the most important tasks is to prove negligence, or who is responsible for the accident. By determining negligence, the courts can decide on compensation, if any, for the injured parties. It is important to know the proper procedure for bike/car accidents in the case one occurs. As a cyclist, you should take the following actions should you be involved in an accident with a car.
• Remain at the scene until the police arrive
• Be sure the officer records your account of the accident
• Write down information for the driver, as well as any witnesses
• Record your own notes on the accident, such as time, location, weather and other facts
• Make a record of any injuries, even if small
• Keep records of any symptoms, treatment, and costs due to injuries
• Preserve evidence from the accident, such as helmet, clothing, bike, or equipment
• Take photos of the accident site if possible, as well as any evidence
• Seek legal counsel from a personal injury lawyer
The ins and outs of personal injury cases can be very complicated and confusing. It is important to retain your rights after an accident. Following those steps after an accident can help make certain that you are eligible for any compensation should the driver be found negligent. While the safety of cycling has increased with the inclusion of bike lanes on roads, a rise in driver awareness, and improvements in safety equipment, accidents can still happen. It is still important to protect yourself legally as well as physically. If you have been injured in an bicycle accident with a car, contact us. We can help you with the legal process to compensation.

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