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Why bodily injury liability insurance is essential as well as mandatory

Bodily injury is defined as an injury that is inflicted on a person as a result of someone’s negligence. Very often bodily injury results from automobile accidents, which means that the person who is at fault needs to carry bodily injury liability insurance as part of his or her automobile insurance.
Carinsurance.com notes that bodily injury liability insurance will pay, up to a predesignated limit, for the health care expenses, funeral expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and a legal defense should the accident result in a law suit. This kind of insurance is mandatory in most states. The Insurance Information Institute recommends that one carry enough bodily injury liability insurance for $100,000 for each injured party and $300,000 per accident. In this way one can better able protect ones assets in the case of an accident in which one is judged to be at fault. Setting lower limits, while cheaper, can place one at financial risk if one is involved in a serious accident
It should be noted that this kind of insurance does not cover one’s own injuries. That is a separate line item on one’s car insurance policy.
In most states the penalty for going without bodily injury liability insurance can be severe, resulting in fines and other sanctions. And one will still be required to pay for another person’s bodily injuries in the event of a court judgement. That would mean liquidating property, such as investments and ones home, to pay out the judgement. Thus even if one’s state does not require bodily injury liability insurance, it is recommended that it be carried anyway.
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