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Legal Resources


Main Resources

  1. Maryland Judiciary
  2. Maryland State Attorney General Opinions
  3. Maryland State Department of Assessments & Taxation
  4. Maryland State Bar Association
  5. The Code of Federal Regulations
  6. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  7. Maryland Court Decisions
  8. Prince George’s County Maryland Bar Association
  9. Securities and Exchange Commission
  10. The Maryland Code & Rules of Procedure
  11. The Maryland Law Library
  12. The U.S. Code
  13. U.S. Municipal Codes
  14. Code of Maryland Regulations
  15. On-line D.C. Superior Court Forms
  16. D.C. Government corporate and property records
  17. D.C. Superior Court cases
  18. All States Resident Agent Info
  19. Superior Court Statistics
  20. The Code of Federal Regulations
  21. D.C. Municipal Regulations
  22. District of Columbia Code

Medical Resources

  1. Merck Manual of Medical Information
  2. Reuters Health News
  3. American Medical Association
  4. National Library of Medicine
  5. Mortality Tables Online
  6. The Physicians Desk Reference Online!

People Locator

  1. Find people, addresses, phone #’s, etc.