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D C Accident Lawyer Explains Where Most Car Accidents Occur

People often find it hard to believe that they are most likely to get into an accident near their home. Some even insist that this statistic is a myth. It is easy to understand this reluctance because all of us regard the home and its surrounding neighborhood as a kind of safe haven. However, if you think about this for a moment, you will realize that any area where people reside is a home and safe haven for someone. If it’s safe for him, why not for you as well?

Your answer to this question might be that your home and neighborhood is safe for you but not for nonresidents because you know your neighborhood like the back of your hand. Yet it’s precisely that familiarity that makes you more likely to get into an accident. Here’s why:

You Are Less Cautious Near Your Home

If you are like most people about to go on a long road trip, you will check your tire pressures, engine fluids, and take care of any outstanding car problems before embarking. Since you do most of your driving near your home, why isn’t your car already in tip-top shape? Driving in a car with low tire pressures or with some other outstanding problem increases your chances of having an accident which non-coincidentally, will happen near your home. Similarly, many people who buckle up when driving cross-country won’t bother with their seat belts when going to a local gas station.

Most of Your Driving Is Near Your Home

Most people prefer short rather than long commutes to work. Therefore, people generally seek work or a home location that shortens this distance. This is why the average work commute is about 15 miles one way. This commute occurs five or more days per week and always begins and ends at your home. In addition, getting food and home supplies as well as driving your kids around occurs locally in your neighborhood. It only makes sense that any car accident that happens will occur where you do most of your driving.

Routine and Familiarity Dulls the Mind and Your Driving

If you have ever driven to a local destination and had little or no recollection of getting there, your experience is not unusual. Almost everyone is guilty of driving on autopilot where reflexes, pattern recognition, and muscle memory get them to their destination. This autopilot mode makes it possible for you to think of far away thoughts or engage in cell phone conversations while driving.

However, that thinking part of your brain that’s engaged elsewhere is needed for anticipating road dangers and handling the unexpected. Should a sudden road emergency occur, your reflexes, pattern recognition, and muscle memory (your autopilot) will drive your car straight into another car, or into a fallen tree, or off the road.

Familiarity with an area does not change the fact that driving is a dangerous activity regardless of where it is done. Stay sharp when you drive, especially on your “home turf.” If you were injured in an accident because of a distracted or negligent driver, don’t hesitate to get the help of a D C accident lawyer. The Law Offices of John Critzos, II have extensive accident litigation experience that can get you the compensation that you deserve. To discuss your case, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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