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Did faulty autombile equipment cause your personal injury?

We are currently witnessing a record-breaking automobile recall, the largest in American history. As discussed in a recent in-depth report from Bloomberg Businessweek, the recall involves air bags manufactured by Takata Corporation. These air bags have been installed in tens of millions of vehicles from over a dozen automobile brands. The┬áNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration determined that the air bags pose an unacceptable risk to people’s safety and can lead to serious personal injury.

Why are they potentially unsafe?

Air bags need certain chemical compounds to burst outwards. Unlike other companies, Takata has been using a compound of ammonium nitrate. Ammonium nitrate is effective and relatively cheap. It’s also potentially volatile, especially in a humid atmosphere. It can cause the air bag to explode in an uncontrolled way, sending deadly shrapnel into automobile occupants. At this point, the air bags have been linked to deaths in the U.S. and Malaysia.

What are some of the issues raised by the recall?

To hold companies accountable for equipment failures, we would need to prove that they knew about the problem or the elevated risks involved in manufacturing their products a certain way. Maybe they failed to inform consumers about the risks or take reasonable steps to fix the defect. Maybe they actively tried to cover it up or have a record of ignoring warnings from experts.

In the Takata case, we can also ask if the automobile brands that continued working with the air bag manufacturer are accountable to some extent. Did they know about the potentially deadly problem or investigate the risks? If so, why did they continue having these air bags installed in their vehicles? Cases involving automobile equipment failures are potentially complex, with more than one party creating an unacceptably risky situation for consumers.

Even people who haven’t suffered injuries from the air bags face great inconvenience and possible financial losses. The recall is proceeding slowly, and it isn’t clear when the faulty air bags will be replaced on all vehicles. People have paid substantial amounts of money for these unsafe automobiles, and many of them haven’t received loaner cars for the interim. To what extent should they be compensated?

Automobile equipment failures can result in diminished quality of life and significant financial losses, especially when people suffer a personal injury. To further discuss your options, don’t hesitate to contact us at 844-Take-MyCase or www.844TakeMyCase.com. We will carefully review your case and provide you with invaluable advice and legal assistance.

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