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Eastern Shore Accident Lawyer Discusses Senior Driving 1/2

Some older motorists are outstanding drivers as they have many years of experience, and there are around 36 million people ages 65 and older that have valid driver’s licenses in United States. However, the likelihood of being injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident rises as one ages. Understanding the risks can help seniors in Maryland along with others on the road.

The Situation

Using data from 2012, theĀ CDC reported that around 586 older adults were injured each day while 15 were killed due to car accidents.

Risk Factors

Some seniors face more risk than others while operating a vehicle as declining health starting around age 70 make individuals more susceptible to medical problems and injuries. This gets worse with those over 85, and males are at greater risk for fatal crashes than females in all age groups.

The Truth

Many older individuals may resent the idea that their ability to drive is compromised with age and fear the loss of independence, but there are several misconceptions about older drivers. Aging drivers are not more likely to get into crashes but instead are at greater risk when crashes occur. Accidents are usually caused by a driver’s negligence, and people of all ages can choose to engage in risky behavior while driving or simply become distracted. An Eastern Shore accident lawyer could help when you suffer because of another driver’s mistakes.

Check out our next blog post to learn more about the driving habits of older citizens, andĀ contact us when you have legal questions or concerns regarding personal injury matters.

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