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Endangered lives and property damage as people play Pokemon Go on the road

The incredibly popular Pokemon Go is bringing some fun to people’s lives as it layers the real world with animated figures that players need to collect. (It’s so popular that people are reportedly spending more time on it than on the apps for Facebook and Twitter.) However, along with the excitement and playfulness of the game come real risks.

USA Today reports how a driver playing Pokemon Go crashed into a parked police car in Baltimore. Thankfully, no one sustained injuries in the accident, which got captured in footage from a police officer’s body camera. The driver, stepping out of his car, immediately held up his phone and admitted to playing the game while driving.

This is hardly an isolated incident. U.S. News & World Report recently shared examples of vehicular accidents and unsafe behaviors on the road related to Pokemon Go. These include a pedestrian walking into traffic mid-game, a driver crashing into a tree, and another driver leaving a car parked in the path of traffic when hurrying out to catch one of the Pokemon characters.

Urging caution for Pokemon Go players

These kinds of accidents can easily lead to serious injuries and costly property damage. As in other cases of distraction on the road, they’re preventable, as long as people remain cautious and remind themselves of their priorities: that safety on the road greatly outweighs any need to perform well in a game. The steep expenses of an accident include enormous medical bills, loss of wages, auto repair costs, and higher insurance premiums.

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