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Injured in an Auto Accident? You May Be Able to Collect Lost Wages

If an automobile, truck or motorcycle accident has injured you, then you might be entitled to recovery of lost wages as part of your insurance settlement.  These wages are the income that you have lost because you are unable to work.  Your settlement might include lost future earnings as well.

Lost wages, whether from full-time employment or part-time employment, must be documented and authorized by a physician.  You must also document how much time you actually missed from your employment due to your accident injuries.  If you are a regular employee, then your employer can document your lost wages by writing a letter stating your name, your job, your pay rate, the number of hours that you normally work and the number of work hours that you missed.

If you are self-employed, then you will need your previous years’ tax returns and your current financial statements to document your income. You will also need evidence of missed meetings, lost appointments, fewer sales or other indicators of income lost due to your injuries.  If your earnings are fairly stable from year to year, then determining your lost wages is usually a straight forward process.   If your earnings fluctuate throughout the year or from year to year, then an attorney is often needed to determine the amount of lost wages.

Have you been injured in an auto, truck or motorcycle accident?  Do you think that you have a lost wages claim?  If so, then contact us at the Law Offices of John Critzos, II.  Our website is www.844TakeMyCase.com, and our phone number is 844-Take-MyCase. We are here to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your accident injuries.

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