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Jenner Facing Third Potential Charge for Car Crash

In mid-August, it was reported that officials in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department may seek charges of vehicular manslaughter against Kaitlyn Jenner. This would be the third car collision-related charge against Jenner resulting from a February 2015 multi-vehicle accident in which her SUV allegedly was responsible for pushing a Lexus into the path of a large sports vehicle. The Lexus was hit head-on and its driver, 69-year-old Kim Howe, was killed. She was pronounced dead on the scene. Her family filed a wrongful death suit against Jenner (then known as Bruce) shortly after the accident.

In June, Jenner was hit with a second suit, from another person involved in the multi-vehicle accident, for personal injury. The amount of damages sought is undisclosed.

In discussing the vehicular manslaughter charge, the sheriff’s department was quoted as saying that Jenner’s vehicle was “traveling at an unsafe speed for road conditions.” Representatives of the department also said that, although the SUV was not over the speed limit, Jenner’s actions “set off a chain of events.” News reports have quoted observers as saying that Jenner was talking on the telephone at the time of the accident.

If convicted of vehicular manslaughter in California, the former Olympic athlete and Keeping Up with the Kardashians star could face up to a year in prison. Revocation of license is also possible under California law.

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