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Our St. Mary’s County Accident Lawyer Discusses Drowsey Driving Dangers

We are all aware of the dangers of driving while intoxicated, and we discuss that from time to time on Facebook. However, there’s another danger that does not get a lot of attention, and that’s driving while drowsy. Being awake for 18 hours has the same effect on our body as having the blood alcohol content that is considered legally drunk. Sleepiness and driving are two components that, put together, are a dangerous combination. A sleepy driver experiences slow reaction times, impaired judgment and decreased awareness, putting them at risk for an accident.

Drowsiness Causes Fatal Accidents

A driver who is sleepy can potentially cause a fatal accident. In order to understand what it feels like to drive while drowsy, our experienced St. Mary’s County accident lawyer would like you to consider the following signs of drowsiness:

  • You have difficulty focusing, you’re blinking frequently or you experience heavy eyelids
  • You’re repeatedly yawning or rubbing your eyes
  • You have trouble keeping your head up 
  • You drift from your lane, hit a rumble strip or the shoulder of the road, or you’re tailgating 
  • You don’t remember the last few miles you’ve driven, or you’re missing exits and traffic signs
  • Daydreaming and disconnected thoughts

If you’re ever in doubt, it’s best to pull off the road if you feel too tired to continue on. By taking this preventative measure, you’re not only saving yourself from potential harm but, keeping everyone else on the road safe as well. Talk to us on Facebook for more tips on how to stay alert while driving.

If you find yourself injured due to someone else’s negligence of driving while they were drowsy, please find us on Facebook or reach out to our experienced accident injury team today by calling 844-Take-MyCase, or visiting our website at www.844TakeMyCase.com.

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