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This Dangerous Driving Habit May Cause The Need For A Maryland Accident Lawyer

Many people find themselves unable to look away from car crashes when encountering them on the road, and wild speculation may follow about why an accident occurred. Unfortunately, auto accidents usually take place because of predictable, common and preventable reasons.

Most Dangerous Driving Behavior In Maryland

The Auto Insurance Center looked at the recorded data about fatal car crashes between 2009-2013 to find the deadliest driving behaviors of every state. In Maryland, the most fatal vehicle accidents were caused by failing to keep in the proper lane. This means that something as simple as drifting a few inches into another lane is often very dangerous and could lead to serious injuries or even death. Failing to keep in the proper lane was the deadliest driving behavior in the country as this is what led to the most fatal accidents in more than 20 states.

The Good News

While it is tragic that so many severe accidents were caused by something seemingly small, this means that safer driving habits can prevent similar events in the future. Drivers who make an effort to stay more alert and focus on the road can make a difference just by staying in a given lane.

When Accidents Occur Anyway

Safer driving practices help everyone on the road, but there will likely always be people who take risks and engage in potentially dangerous behavior. Being aware of a situation makes it possible for a motorist to prevent accidents in some cases, but crashes can still happen if one driver is acting recklessly. A Maryland accident lawyer could help if you find yourself the victim of a car crash. You should not have to pay for another driver’s mistakes, which is why you can receive compensation for things like medical costs and property damage when another driver is responsible for a wreck.

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