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Virginia Accident Attorney Examines Five Popular Excuses for Not Wearing Seat Belts

It’s a curious fact of nature that humans have a natural fear of heights yet lack a similar fear of speed. It isn’t the height that does you in when falling from an airplane without a parachute, it’s your speed before hitting the ground. Whether the speed results from falling into the ground or slamming into the dashboard of a car in an accident, the results are the same. When a car suddenly decelerates in a 60 mile per hour collision, the unrestrained motorist hits the dashboard at about the same speed. In spite of the fact that most people are aware of the dangers of car accidents, many continue to use the same old excuses for not buckling up.

My Airbag Will Stop Me

An airbag stops the person’s head while the rest of his body continues beneath the steering wheel or dashboard. This causes severe neck and spinal cord injuries. An airbag won’t restrain someone when the car tumbles off an embankment or does a rollover. Airbags are effective only when used with seat belts.

I’ll Just Brace Myself

A sudden impact at 60 miles per hour is equivalent to falling from a height of 120 feet¬†which is the same height as an 11 story building. No amount of bracing will prevent the shattering of arms, legs, and other parts of the motorist’s body.

I’m a Good Driver

A skillful and defensive driver has a reduced accident risk. However, there are other factors beyond the driver’s control. A drunk driver could rear-end a stopped car at an intersection at high-speed, or car failure could happen at the wrong moment. Even careful people sometimes make mistakes.

My Seat Belt Will Trap Me in My Car

A motorist that needs to get out of their car in a hurry after an accident, won’t accomplish this with broken bones, massive internal injuries, or while unconscious. A seat belt gives the person the best chance of getting through an accident physically intact. It only takes a few seconds to unbuckle a seat belt. In addition, not wearing a seat belt increases the person’s chances of ejection from the car. When this happens, he is 25 times more likely to die.

It Restrains Me and Affects My Driving

A seat belt’s function is to restrain the motorist during an accident. This restraining action prevents the person from becoming a projectile inside the car. It’s the reason seat belted people have the best chances of surviving accidents. If your seat belt is affecting your driving, adjust it or get a seat belt extender if it doesn’t fit.

If you are injured in an accident because of another driver’s actions, don’t hesitate to get the assistance of a Virginia accident attorney. At the Law Offices of John Critzos, II, we are prepared to fight for your right to fair compensation. Contact us¬†today.

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