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What a montgomery county accident lawyer can do if you are the victim of a hit-and-run

Hopefully, you will never be the victim of a hit-and-run accident, but they happen. If you know what to do just after the accident and in the following weeks your odds of getting justice are much better. Statistics on hit-and-run accidents in the County aren’t published, but the injury accidents hit the news every couple of weeks. 

If you ever become one of those victims, you need to know what to do. First, and most importantly, get medical attention. As much as you can, write down some notes on the type of vehicle, the license plate number, and anything about the driver you saw. if you are able to do so, get contact information from any witness you can speak to. All of this information will be vital to both criminal and civil investigations. 

The second most important thing you can do, after making some notes, is to contact an attorney. The same advice applies to both victims and immediate family, if the victim is unable to act on their own behalf. Do not assume you have to wait for the police to find the perpetrator either. 

If you have a valid case for hit-and-run you can secure legal help to gather evidence, and then sue the driver. Surveillance cameras are everywhere these days. One of them may have captured footage of the accident. In a fatal hit-and-run this may the best evidence of what happened. Someone needs to move quickly too, because security camera footage can be recorded over at any time.  

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