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Always Call the Police for a Report if you are in an Auto Accident

People often believe it is not necessary to call police after a car accident if no one has been injured. However a report filed by police following an auto accident is often invaluable during the subsequent insurance process. Here are three reasons you should always get a police report after a car accident.
A Police Report Captures the Details
A police report will capture the details of the incident. It will include information that you may not clearly remember the next day such as the weather conditions or amount of traffic on the road. In addition, it is common for people to change their story after the incident. The other party may get out of their car and immediately claim responsibility but after talking to friends that evening may change their story before calling the insurance company. Having a police report documents exactly what was said immediately after the accident leaving no room for a story change.
A Police Report Provides Contact Information
The police report will provide you the information you need on the other party. It will include details that you might forget to request while the post-accident adrenaline is pumping. The insurance company will want to know the make and model of the other car. The police report will include this information along with the insurance information and policy number for the other party.
A Police Report Includes Witness Statements
If there were any witnesses to the accident their statements will be helpful in determining fault. The police will interview witnesses and include the details in the report. This means you won’t have to worry about getting witness contact information and hoping they remember the details of the accident when interviewed later.
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