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John Critzos concentrates on Traffic Accidents, Serious Personal Injuries, and Medical Malpractice. As such, he does not handle other types of cases, but may be able to refer you to someone who can help you should you have the need. These cases are called Negligence cases. They typically involve one party accidentally injuring another. Other times, the injury may in fact be intentional.

The most common type of civil injury litigation is that involving automobile accidents. When one is injured in such an accident as a result of the negligence of another, the plaintiff (the person who is injured and brings the suit) has the burden of showing that the defendant (the person who caused the injury and is being sued) was at fault. This holds true except in those states that have adopted no fault laws. Fortunately, Maryland, D.C. and Virginia have not adopted pure no fault laws, and this allows for the injured victim to fully recover for the injuries sustained. Typically, the defendant denies that any injury occurred and then that, if an injury did occur, it was not as a result of the referenced accident. Thus, the plaintiff must overcome numerous defenses that may or may not be true. Nonetheless, the defendant is entitled to put forth such defenses.

As an experienced Trial Attorney, Mr. Critzos can help you navigate these circumstances and attempt to get the verdict you deserve. He takes an aggressive stance on litigation and will provide excellent representation. However, you are required to respond immediately when something is asked of you; to be honest and conservative with Mr. Critzos, as to any information requested; and to make yourself available as soon as possible, should there be a need to see you. In this way, Mr. Critzos can prosecute your case as expeditiously as possible while keeping constant pressure on the defense.

If you would like to learn more about your possible claim or refer someone to Mr. Critzos, you may do so by calling an office at 410-267-1880. Your call will be responded to as quickly as possible. Should you send e-mail, include your phone number, so that we will know where to call you, as we will not respond to any e-mail. However, you should realize that a face to face meeting is more informative than a mere phone call. Thus, any information received as a result of your non in person inquiry should NOT be construed to be legal advice, should NOT be acted upon, and will NOT create an attorney/client relationship. You should contact an attorney (whether it is Mr. Critzos or someone else) and schedule an in person meeting before taking any action. Proper representation is always a must.

Your health, family relations, financial security, ability to work, and any other losses are very serious. Mr. Critzos hopes to be able to make you whole again and put you back into your pre-accident condition. This, however, can only be attempted, if you contact him directly and meet face to face.


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