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DC Accident Lawyer Wants Your Kids Safe in Cars

Modern automobiles are designed to protect their occupants in a crash through the use of seat belts, air bags, and crumple zones. But these features are primarily designed for adults. If you want to keep your little ones safe during an accident, follow the DC laws designed for children.
• All children must be properly restrained by a seat belt or safety seat up to 16 years of age. Those under eight years old must be in a special seat, depending on their weight.
• Children less than 20 pounds must be in an infant seat. Such seats must face the rear of the vehicle with the baby in a semi-reclining position.
• Those from 20 to 40 pounds can use a forward-facing convertible or toddler seat. Its harnesses must fit snugly against the child according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
• Children who outgrow the convertible seat and/or are over 40 pounds can use booster seats with lap and shoulder belts. They must remain in these seats until they are at least 47 inches tall or eight years old.
• A child who can sit against the back of the vehicle with his knees bent over the seat cushion may use the shoulder and lap belt without a booster seat.
• Children must never ride in the cargo area of a pickup truck.
Even though you follow these laws to the letter, your child may still suffer injuries during an accident. If that happens, do not sign anything and please contact us right away. As your DC and Maryland accident lawyer, we’ll fight to keep you and your family protected. Please take a look at our website, www.critzos.com, for additional FREE information and services.

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