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Has An Accident Left you Unable to Work? Personal Injury Attorney Weighs in On Wage Loss

After an accident, the process of securing funds for current and future wage loss becomes an issue. For many, receiving compensation after an accident can be a daunting task; therefore, it is within your best interest to hire an attorney with a strong background in personal injury law and wage loss recovery.
After the initial shock of an accident, a victim has an overwhelming amount of issues to deal with including mounting medical bills, replacement or repair of property damage, as well as emotional suffering. How can an individual pay these enormous expenses when they are unable to work due to injury?
You can start by applying for short term disability as well as claim benefits such as saved sick days or vacation time offered by your employer. Unfortunately, short-term disability and paid time off benefits often run out before complete recovery, leaving the accident victim and their dependents in dire financial straits. Although it is illegal for an attorney to loan money, the attorney can file a lawsuit on ones behalf to secure the lost compensation. The suit would include an amount for provable past earnings loss, future earnings loss, loss of bonus, etc.
If the accident has rendered the victim unable to work permanently, your attorney will pursue a lawsuit to compensate the victim for future lost wages, future benefits, and loss of future bonuses. This amount is based upon the victims salary history, benefit accumulation (such as contributions and growth rate of 401k), and the average of yearly bonuses.
If you or a loved one has lost wages due to an accident, please contact the professionals at the Law Office of John Critzos. The knowledgeable staff with John Critzos understand your financial concerns following an accident. They will treat you with compassion and work vigilantly to secure the funds you deserve. Let us be your voice, contact us today for a free consultation.

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