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An Experienced Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Explains Negligence For Dog Bite Injuries

If you’re the victim of a dog attack and are injured as a result, it is possible you can seek compensation from the dog’s owner. Our experienced Maryland personal injury attorney explains.

Dog’s Owner Likely Liable

In order to be successful in any claim for compensation, there are a few things you should do. First, check with local animal control records for prior attacks by the dog in question. This information could help you negotiate with the dog’s owner or even win your claim in court. In some instances, if the dog is deemed dangerous, the owner could be fined and the dog ordered to be euthanized. If you want more information regarding potential fines, visit our Facebook page and leave us a message.

Gather Information

After the attack, obtain the names and phone numbers of the dog’s owner along with any witnesses. Even if you don’t think you’ll be filling a claim for compensation, you may change your mind when you see your injuries have progressed. Our Facebook page followers will attest to this.

Your witnesses should be able to provide you with a statement of what happened, especially if you and the owner disagree on the events leading up to the attack. If the injury is serious enough for you to seek medical attention, do so promptly. Make sure you obtain records of your doctor’s visits and copies of your bills. You will have a difficult time getting reimbursed for medical expenses if you can’t document what you paid.

For more information on dog bite injuries, visit www.844TakeMyCase.com, call us at 844-Take-MyCase or visit our Facebook page.

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