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Anne Arundel County accident attorney warns about blindly trusting navigational tools

Many drivers depend on GPS devices at least some of the time. And these devices often prove beneficial. They help people navigate unfamiliar routes and sometimes discover less time-consuming alternatives. There’s no reason to give up on GPS devices or to discard other digital tools, such as Google Maps.

However, it’s important that when using these devices, drivers avoid trusting them blindly. Drivers must remain mindful of the road and evaluate GPS instructions to check that they make sense.

A recent article from Ars Technica, dramatically titled “Death by GPS,” points out some of the serious consequences of people following faulty GPS instructions. Sometimes, GPS sends people into large bodies of water, off the side of cliffs, or onto roads that seem like shortcuts but that no one should drive on; sometimes these roads are in extremely poor condition or end abruptly in rugged, remote terrain, though they seem to head towards the driver’s destination.

Even when GPS-related accidents don’t lead to fatalities, they can result in serious injuries and costly damages to the vehicle. It’s important for drivers to remember that navigational tools like GPS are merely supplementary aids. They’re powerful and often helpful, but over-reliance on them can sometimes prove dangerous.

Always remain mindful of the road, alert to your surroundings. Don’t hand over all navigational responsibilities to your device. If something doesn’t seem right or if you have misgivings, trust yourself and find a safe place to slow down or stop by the side of the road to reassess your position. As a backup, you’ll ideally have other maps with you and have the means to contact the proper authorities if you’re lost.

In an age of smart devices and, perhaps a few decades from now, self-driving cars, it’s inevitable that we’ll rely more on technology. But always keep in mind the limitations of these devices and their capabilities. It’s also important to hold device manufacturers to the highest standards possible. Even if they can’t produce devices that are entirely flawless, they should still strive to make products that perform reliably and that avoid erroneous calculations and dangerous suggestions as much as possible.

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