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Attorney advises keeping a record at the scene of an automobile accident

If you have been in an automobile accident, Consumer Reports states that it is very important that you take the time to write down facts about it. Why? First, if either you or the other driver want to file a claim, you will need details on the accident (what happened, why, and where).

Second, a claim and settlement in vehicle accidents often takes time. Over time, memory fades. The written-down material can serve as an aid to memory. Not only that, but memory and observation in accidents in notoriously unreliable. Observers can recall people, places, and things as quite different than they really were. You need a written record that was inscribed as soon after the accident as possible, so that recall does not distort the facts.

In addition, police may be called to the scene in the event of a vehicle accident. Police may be required to make a report. This report may be entered into evidence in case one party wants to bring a suit for damages or injuries. The officer will likely enter vital information into the report, including phone numbers, addresses, and insurance company information from the other driver and names of any witnesses. Even if this occurs, though, you still want your own record.

What information, specifically, do you want to write down? The legal publisher Nolo suggests that your record should include the following:

  • the vehicles involved in the accident (plate numbers, make and model)
  • the drivers involved (full name and contact information, including driver’s license number, insurance company and policy number)
  • the collision (details as to what occurred)
  • any damage to the vehicle
  • witnesses (names and contact information)
  • the accident scene and conditions
  • any injuries by any party
  • police information (names and badge numbers of officers on the scene)
  • any ambulance information
  • any towing information (name of company, state, and driver)

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