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Dangerous Teen Driving Habits Could Require Montgomery County Accident Lawyer

Teen drivers pose a danger to themselves and others because they are likely to engage in certain risky behaviors that can lead to motor vehicle accidents. Teens in Maryland and other states do not have as much driving experience as older individuals, and this coupled with a false sense of confidence leads many teens to make bad decisions that have serious consequences.

Two Dangerous Behaviors

Drunk Driving – Only 10% of licensed drivers are under the age of 21, but these drivers account for 17% of fatal alcohol-related crashes in America. This results in the estimated deaths of 2,000 underage drinkers operating a vehicle each year. While many states have harsh penalties for underage drinkers, teen drinking and driving persists. Part of the problem likely exists because teens are more likely than others to binge drink.

Texting – While alcohol impaired driving used to cause the most teenage deaths in the U.S., texting and driving has emerged as a larger problem as this behavior is responsible for more than 3,000 teenage deaths annually. Even talking on the phone or reaching for a mobile device increases the risk for a crash, but texting and driving makes one 23 times more likely to wreck.


When accidents happen, injured parties may be able to seek compensation for their suffering in civil court. A Montgomery County accident attorney could help you recover damages.

Strict laws have not done much to deter teens, but this could be due to misinformation and a lack of awareness. It’s important to discuss consequences with teens and¬†emphasize unacceptable driving behaviors. If a car accident occurs because of a negligent teen or adult driver,¬†contact us to learn about your options.

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