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Don’t Make These Mistakes After You’ve Been Injured in An Auto Accident

If you’re injured in an auto accident, the last thing you’re going to remember is a list of things you’re supposed to do. However, failure to take these steps can have a huge impact on the outcome of any personal injury claim you may want to file. Here are a few errors that we’d like you to avoid in order to increase your chances of a favorable outcome. Check back on our Facebook page for more tips and information.

Failure to Call Police

The first thing you should do, even if you were not injured, is to call law enforcement. And if you were injured, this is a crucial step. It’s possible you’ll need medical treatment, and the police need to take a detailed police report. It’s hard to remember this in the heat of the moment, but documentation of the accident scene, statements from witnesses and documentation you received medical treatment are extremely important.

Waiting to File Your Claim

So, you have all of the necessary information that you need in order to file a claim, but you keep putting it off. Don’t. There are time limits for filing claims, and if you wait too long, you lose your chance to receive compensation for your injuries. If you’re not sure about the statute of limitations, contact us immediately. More information on filing accident claims can be found on our Facebook page.

Making the Assumption the Other Party is Negligent

While the police report may say the other party is at fault, there could be other parties involved in the circumstances leading up to the accident, such as the town or state that maintain the road you were driving on, or the manufacturer of your car’s brakes that failed to work. Again, consulting with our office is key.

No matter if you took the above steps or not, it’s important you begin the claims process by getting in touch with us by calling 844-Take-MyCase. You can also visit our website at www.844TakeMyCase.com, or by visiting our Facebook page.

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