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Why You Need A Good Lawyer When It Comes To Motorcycle Accidents

You see the signs everywhere, “Watch out for motorcycles,” however this doesn’t stop the average 400 motorcycle accidents that occur daily. While not all accidents are life threatening, because of minimal protection between the rider and the other vehicle, serious injury can occur. Even with protective gear, injuries can and will occur and may have long lasting effects that could result in disability later on in life.

Motorcycles are small and don’t always make enough noise to catch the attention of passenger car drivers. Even if they do, most people on the road admit to not being aware of their surroundings while driving. Motorcycles do not have the capability that cars do to stop within seconds to avoid an accident. This is why when motorcycle accident happens, they are the most injured party.

Motorcyclist specific injuries are road rash, traumatic brain injury, rupture discs, compacted spine, broken limbs, and paralysis. The mental repercussions are just as debilitating including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and ticks. Just one of these afflictions can cause the victim to lose wages, become emotional detached from family and friends, and begin to not care about expectations.

Legal advice is key to taking back your life after an accident. Many motorcyclists carry the “Biker gang” stigma which insurance companies immediately use against them during claims. A good lawyer will help maintain the facts and remove the biased opinions to provide the most accurate case. Attorneys are also educated in the tricks and maneuvers that insurance companies will put the victim through to extend the statute of limitations in most cases. Careful consideration of medical bills and bike repairs can be evaluated by your attorney to provide you with the most reasonable sum to take before the judge.

Finding a reasonable, cost-efficient lawyer is not hard and with proper planning, evaluation, and goal-setting you will have a considerably high chance of winning your case. When you are in need of a lawyer, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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