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Do you need a montgomery county accident attorney for your bike-related accident?

Should citizens of Montgomery County expect an increase in bike-related accidents with the implementation of Montgomery County Department of Transportation’s (MCDOT) Capital Bikeshare program? That’s a question that both the Montgomery County Police Department and MCDOT are asking. The answer? Unfortunately, it’s very possible.
In a joint study by the two organizations, it was reported that both Washington D.C. and Arlington, Virgina saw increases of crashes by 24% and 33% respectively within a year of implementing their Bikeshare programs. This comes on the heels of finding that the number of accidents in the county where both cyclists and drivers are at fault have spiked sharply since 2006.
With the Captial Bikeshare program expected to expand to over 500 bikes throughout Montgomery by the end of summer, 2013, it’s worth being aware of the most common situations where of vehicle vs. bicycle accidents occur.
The most likely cause of an accident is failure to yield at a stop sign or a stoplight. Statistically, both motorists and bicyclists are equally as likely to be responsible for this type of accident.
Many accidents are also caused by a motorist turning right while traveling beside a bicycle going the same direction. This essentially causes the vehicle to sideswipe the bicyclist. Conversely, an accident might be caused when the bicycle in the same situation turns left into the path of the vehicle.
Finally, bicyclists are particularly at risk when crossing driveways or alley entrances. Motorists need to be especially careful when merging onto the main road from concealed areas.
Contrary to popular belief, one is not more likely to become involved in a bicyle verses car accident after dark. In fact, 75% of these incidents occur during daylight hours. In Montgomery County, the most likely time of these accidents is Tuesday evening at around 6 p.m.
Unfortunately, even when we are prepared and cautious, accidents can still happen. With these accidents can come injury, property damage and even permanent disability. It is often necessary for the individuals involved to contact an accident attorney to seek money for their damages.
If you are hurt in a motor vehicle accident involving a bicycle and you need a montgomery county accident attorney, please contact us. We have the experience to help you through this trying time.

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