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Don’t Lose Your Temper on the Highway warns Maryland Personal Injury Attorney

You know only too well the signs of an aggressive driver. He (because such drivers are usually male) shares the road with everyone else and yet behaves as if he’s the only one there. He zooms into every open space in front of him, tailgates you if you’re driving too slowly. Then he sits on his horn and flashes his lights to get you out of the way. As he zooms by, he throws you an obscene gesture and caps it off with unsavory words.
He makes you angry and you’re not going to stand for it. So you speed up and give him a taste of his own medicine. Maybe you tailgate him and sit on your horn. Or better yet you pull in front of him and block him from passing. That should show him.
The problem with this approach is that aggressive and angry drivers tend to escalate their actions when dealing with others like them. They disregard their own and others’ safety, increasing the risk of accident and injury.
The obvious lesson in such charged situations is to hold your temper, count to 10, and back off. Allow the aggressive driver to pass or otherwise find some way to put some distance between you or him. If he continues his actions and follows you, the prudent course is to drive to the nearest police station. If necessary, go in and report the miscreant to the authorities.
Despite your efforts to avoid the problem, you may still get involved in an accident. Again, just calm down and please contact us. As your Maryland personal injury attorney, we’ll fight for your rights.

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