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Driver of tractor-trailer involved in Chesapeake Bay auto accident faces just $600 in fines.

The driver of a tractor-trailer that hit a 22-year-old woman’s vehicle and sent it plunging into Chesapeake Bay in July has been now been charged in connection with the incident.
The driver of the tractor-trailer, a 29-year-old man, was estimated to be going between 47 and 51 mph on July 19 when he failed to slow down for traffic congestion on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. As a result, he struck the 22-year-old woman and sent her car over the railing and into the water below.
In interviews with local news outlets since the accident, the woman has said she was convinced that she was going to die. Luckily, she was able to unbuckle her seatbelt, get out of her sinking car and swim to safety. She suffered only minor injuries.
A spokesman for the Maryland Transportation Department blamed the auto accident, as well as one in April in the same vicinity, on distracted driving. It is not clear what authorities believe the driver of the tractor-trailer was doing at the time that distracted him.
The driver of the tractor-trailer has now been charged with making an unsafe lane change, failure to control a vehicle, negligent driving and driving at a speed greater than reasonable. All told, the fines for those charges add up to $600.
Knowing that the driver is facing $600 in fines for this accident, which was frightening and dangerous for the woman involved to say the very least, makes us wonder whether the punishment fits the alleged offense. What do you think? Based on what you have read here, does this seem like a fair punishment, or is it too lenient?
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