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Even With New Laws, Auto Accidents Caused by Teens That Text And Drive are Still On The Rise!

Recent studies show that more teens than ever text and drive. Even with many states enforcing laws that prohibit texting and driving, many teens still continue to do it and disobey the law. The numbers are rising around the world of teens texting while driving, and the United States has the highest percentage of those who do it. The National Occupant Protection Use Survey concluded that texting-and-driving stats have continued to increase since 2010.

Teenagers feel a compelling urge to answer text messages immediately, so they continue to reach for the phone while they are behind the wheel. Aside from texting, teens are also checking their social media sites and checking the Internet while behind the wheel. Smart phones provide a variety of ways that drivers can be distracted and put themselves and other drivers at risk.

Many campaigns are showing gruesome consequences that resulted from a teen answering a text message while driving. The main message behind these informative videos is that a text message is not worth putting your safety and the safety of others at risk. Even with the rise in educational campaigns about the detrimental risks of texting and driving, many teens are still choosing to do so.

Parents should take a stand in this growing trend and other dangerous habits that can result in an auto accident. Parents should consider enrolling their teen in a safety course. Many towns and cities offer driving safety courses put on my local law enforcement. Many of these courses provide horrific true stories geared to influence your teen to choose not to text and drive, or get in a car with those who do.

Aside from educating, there are mobile applications that put a lock on the phone while a car is in motion. These applications will prevent teenagers from being distracted by the buzz of a new text message when their car is moving.

If your or someone you know is a victim of an preventable auto accident caused because the other driver was texting, distracted, or otherwise negligent, please contact us. We understand each case is unique, and will use our legal expertise to help you receive justice.

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