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3 Myths About Personal Injury Claims That Many People Believe

When people hear the words personal injury claim, they often have misconceptions that they believe about the claim process. Here are three myths that many people believe about injury claims and the truth behind them.

Claims take a long time to settle

A lot of people believe that claims take a lot of time to settle, but this isn’t true. Claims often conclude in 8-12 months as long as there aren’t any problems with liability or the claimant’s recovery from their injuries.

Insurers are fair

People mistakenly believe that their insurance company is going to be fair when they have an accident. Even though the companies have become better than they were in the past, it’s also important to remember that they are in the business to make money, not pay money. So it’s a good idea to hire lawyer to help you with your claim even if you believe that you have a great insurance company.

People are sue happy

Many people believe that some or all sue for anything, but this isn’t true. The majority of claims that people make are legitimate claims, rather than claims because they want to make money off of someone. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everybody has a legitimate claim. It just means that most people who are suing believe that they have a legitimate claim and they are not just doing it to get money out of someone.

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