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4 Things You Should Never Say After a Traffic Crash

Many people will be in a traffic crash at least once in their lifetime. If you are in an accident and you were driving, there are things that you can say that could cause problems for you down the line, especially if you were injured. Here are four things you should never say after a car accident.

I hit you

The last thing that you want to do is to admit to someone that you caused the accident even if you believe that you did it. if you say that you caused the accident, chances are that someone is going to bring that up in the future and they are going to use it against you. So don’t say anything. Let the police figure out who was at fault. There are likely witnesses to the accident and they are going to help with figuring out who was at fault.

I’m okay

Another thing that you should avoid saying is this. Keep in mind that you have adrenaline going through you at that moment. You may not have any visible injuries to yourself. That doesn’t mean that you’re not injured. You may have whiplash and it may not show up until later. So don’t say that you’re okay even if you aren’t feeling any pain, since that is going to hurt your chances of having a claim later.  In fact it’s better to go see your physician after an accident to be checked and make sure that you are not injured.

I think

If you don’t know what happened, it’s best not to say anything.  Saying something that could be right or could be wrong might hurt you in the end. So if you don’t know what happened, it’s best to say you don’t know what happened.  The experts can sort it out and speak with witnesses who saw it from angles other than what you saw from your point of view. But if you’re not sure, you might damage your chances of making a claim since you may tell them something that is not true.

I accept

There are a lot of people, especially those who were at fault at the accident scene, who are going to try to offer you cash right then and there. Without knowing what kind of damage your car has and what kind of injuries you and your passengers have, you are likely short-changing yourself. So do not accept anything at the accident scene. This is going to come up later and it can stop you from making a claim later because you have already accepted a deal. Most of the time, accepting an offer right at the scene is going to be a bad idea.

If you were injured in a car accident and you would like an attorney to help you with your claim, contact us. We will listen to what happened and we will do what we can to help.

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