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4 Tips if you are Injured in a Vehicle Accident (EDITED)

Every day approximately 3,000 people are hurt in a vehicle accident. The reasons are many – some people are careless, others are driving under the influence, and about one-third are because of driving distracted. Whatever the case may be, a vehicle accident can be life-changing for the individuals involved. No one expects to get into an accident so when it happens they may not know what to do. Here are four tips about what to do if you were to get in an accident.

Assess the situation

If you feel you may be injured in any way, then don’t try to move around because it may cause further injury. If you are able to call for help on your mobile phone, then do so, but most likely someone else has already done that. If you are not noticeably injured and the accident seems minor, then moving to the side of the road is appropriate while you wait for the police. Remember to do what is most safe for you.


File a report with police and insurance

Make sure you give all the details to the police when they arrive while it is fresh in your mind. Contact your attorney and have him/her file the report with insurance.


Go to the hospital

If you are injured or think you are, go directly to the hospital. 


Call an attorney

Contact an accident attorney to discuss your other options. Even though your vehicle insurance may cover some of the damage, there are other damages, such as medical costs, pain, suffering, and missed work, that a personal injury attorney can help you recover.


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