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A beginner’s guide to coping with lost wages

Few people like to go it alone, even on the most pleasant of trips. So why should you go it alone when it comes to coping with lost wages? We’ve got a guide for the beginner that should help.

First, what is meant by the term “lost wages”? Simply put, it means the wages you were unable to earn as a result of an accident. For example, if you were injured by another driver, fractured your arm, and were unable to work for 1 month, you are entitled to 1 month of wages.

Second, what is required to substantiate lost wages? The court will generally want to see a physician’s statement, a statement from your employer, and a copy of the police report.

Third, Maryland has an important stipulation that every injured person should know regarding lost wages. It is known as the collateral source rule. Under it, a person injured by a motor vehicle accident in Maryland can receive lost wages from the at-fault insurance company even if his or her personal insurance provider, the company worked for, or both, pays for lost wages. Why? Because payments received by the injured plaintiff in a Maryland case cannot be considered when deciding the at-fault party’s obligation. Other payments are considered collateral.

Lost wage cases can be complicated. Automobile insurance companies, for example, sometimes use their expertise to restrict the settlement amount. Because of this, consulting a personal injury lawyer is a good idea, as they can advocate strongly for a just settlement.

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