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Anne Arundel County Accident Attorney Remembers Police Officer Noah Leotta

Our Anne Arundel County accident attorney remembers Police Officer Noah Leotta. The Maryland State Legislature ratified Noah’s Law, the Drunk Driving Reduction Act of 2016, to reduce the number of recidivists who drive drunk.   

On December 3, 2015, Montgomery County Police Officer Noah Leotta, 24, pulled over a drunk driver and was returning to his police car when Luis Gustavo Reluzco, 47, crashed into the side of his police car on Rockville Pike. He was transported to the hospital on life support, but doctors could not save him.     

Officer Noah Leotta was killed by a drunk driver who was so intoxicated he could not stand up. He smoked marijuana just before the collision, despite his two prior DUI convictions in 1988 and 1990. Impaired drivers account for one-third of all fatal accidents on Maryland highways.     

Noah’s Law mandates ignition interlocks on vehicles driven by convicted drunk drivers. The interlock device contains an indicator which detects alcohol on the driver’s breath. If alcohol is detected, the DUI offender can not start the car. The driver must retest his breath randomly while driving.

Noah’s Law requires drivers with DUI and vehicular homicide convictions to have interlock devices installed on their vehicles. Drunk drivers who caused accidents which inflicted severe bodily harm must also install interlock devices to retain the right to drive.  

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