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Be Aware of Your Risks Following a Maryland Property Damage Only Collision

In 2012, there were almost 90,000 police-reported traffic accidents in Maryland. Fortunately, two-thirds were reported as property damage only. In 2014, Maryland saw an increase in property damage accidents, and these numbers continue to rise despite the state’s continued dedication to reducing traffic accidents on the roadway. The average American will be involved in three to four traffic accidents over the course of their lifetime. While the odds are likely that these accidents may initially be deemed property damage only, it is important to be aware of unexpected sequelae after a seemingly minor traffic accident.

Following a motor vehicle crash, symptoms of injury may be delayed for days to weeks. This delay in symptom presentation results in many injuries not being reported with initial crash data. While the reasons for symptom delay are varied, the primary factor is the progression of swelling in the tissues and the resulting inflammation that occurs over the days and weeks following the initial injury. There are a number of conditions that present with delayed symptoms, including neck muscle injury, spinal injury, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), and shoulder injury. What may initially be seen as minor muscle soreness can progress to more severe, disruptive pain as the damaged muscles heal and form thick scar tissue. Seeking treatment for delayed injury from a motor vehicle crash is important to prevent additional complications and to speed healing. 

While your initial reaction to a property-only traffic accident may be one of relief, it is prudent to be aware of your risks of delayed injury and how you should proceed if you suspect you may have sustained such an injury. As an experienced personal injury attorney, John Critzos, II, is well-versed in delayed injury and how to best proceed if you believe you are suffering from complications. 

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