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Common Road Hazards That Can Cause a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles are more agile but less stable than cars. Objects on the road barely noticed by cars as they run over them can cause a serious motorcycle accident for the biker. In addition to the dangers of other motor vehicles, you must also watch for road hazards that can knock you off your bike. Here are five of them:

Potholes, Cracks, And Bumps

Road damage and bumps that annoy the four-wheeled motorist can cause the motorcyclist to hit the pavement. Potholes and cracks can violently jerk the front wheel causing loss of control. These types of hazards are especially prevalent in the early spring before winter damaged roads have been repaired.

Motor Fluids

Motor fluids such as oil, grease, and engine coolants are slippery when fresh. When dried out, they leave a residue that becomes slippery when it rains. The middle section of a road lane tends to have dried up residue left by countless cars. The more urban the road, the worse the problem. Intersections are especially bad because stopped traffic has more time to leak fluids on the pavement. Use caution when turning and braking at intersections.

Paint, Tape, And Thermoplastic

Painted road surfaces have less traction when dry and are dangerously slippery when wet. Roads are painted at pedestrian crossings and sometimes in construction areas. You will often encounter paint at interstate exits. Yellow paint is often used to mark the exit lane, especially where it sharply curves away from the interstate. Swerving on these painted surfaces because you changed your mind about exiting can have bad consequences. Parking lots also have an abundance of paint. Sometimes tape and thermoplastic are used in place of paint but they are equally treacherous.

Dirt, Sand, Gravel, And Leaves

If you see a dirt side road that intersects with your road, there is a good possibility that some of that dirt has made its way into your lane, especially if the side road is uphill. The same is true of gravel side roads. Leaves are also a problem especially when wet. Handling problems occur when your wheels require a lot of traction such as when you turn or brake. When going through these hazards, minimize the forces on your wheels by going in a straight line at constant speed.

Metal Surfaces

Metal surfaces are slippery when wet and have modest friction when dry. Manhole covers, railroad tracks, and bridges with metal decks may cause problems when hard turning or braking is required. Road construction areas sometimes have manhole covers that protrude above the road surface. These can violently deflect your front wheel if you are not careful.

The above road hazards can harm even the most experienced motorcyclist when he or she is forced to make a dangerous maneuver to avoid a negligent or aggressive driver. Whether or not contact was made, if you have been in a motorcycle accident because of someone else, contact us at the Law Offices of John Critzos, II.

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