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DC Accident Lawyer Discusses Car Safety Misconceptions

Taking an interest in safety is commendable. However, this can backfire if the information you use is wrong. Misinformation may either place you in greater danger, or merely have no effect on your safety. In either case, the information can cause you to drive more confidently when such confidence is unwarranted, and can place you at greater risk. Here are three car safety misconceptions that have caused harm to too many people:

A Big Car Will Keep You Safe

Although it’s true that a large car fares better than a small one when the two collide, the large car doesn’t necessarily provide better protection in other types of accidents. Size doesn’t matter when a car flies off an embankment or strikes a concrete wall. Size won’t protect the vehicle’s occupants in a rollover accident. Many SUV designs are more top-heavy than ordinary sedans. This makes them more prone to rollovers. A larger size won’t improve braking distance and may reduce the vehicle’s handling.

All-Wheel Drive Is Safer

All-wheel drive connects engine power to all four wheels of a car. This improves handling while accelerating, especially on slippery surfaces. When parked in deep snow, all wheel drive reduces the need for extensive shoveling. While these are clearly benefits, they have little to do with safety unless you need to quickly accelerate out of a dangerous situation.

All-wheel drive does little for turning and handling and doesn’t help with braking. All cars, regardless of their transmission type, have a brake for each of their four wheels. In wintry conditions, all-wheel drive vehicles often end up in roadside ditches or involved in more serious accidents because of over-confident driving.

You Are Safer without Seatbelts

Many people still believe this despite decades of evidence to the contrary. Some people say that seatbelts cause injury. If improperly worn, this is certainly true. Placing a shoulder belt under an arm or behind your back can cause serious injury. On the other hand, properly worn seatbelts may cause some bruises in violent accidents, but this is nothing compared to being thrown into the windshield or an ejection from the car.

Some people believe that you don’t need seatbelts in the back seat. However, an unbelted backseat passenger becomes a human missile who flies into the dashboard or into another person.

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