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DC accident lawyer discusses “super speeding” and its consequences

A recent news report from the DC area highlights a dangerous phenomenon on the roads: super speeding.

Over the last five years, there have been close to 200,000 documented cases of drivers exceeding 80 mph or going more than 30 mph past existing speed limits. Prince George’s County in Maryland and other counties nearby have reported increases in super speeding. Installing cameras to help catch culprits doesn’t always help.

There are a variety of reasons for super speeding. With the hectic pace of DC life, people are in a rush to get to different places, and they often prioritize their busy schedules over road safety. People also tend to overestimate their driving ability; they assume that if there’s less traffic, they can step on the gas with no consequences. In other situations, super speeding results from inattentiveness on the road or driving while intoxicated.

The consequences of super speeding

News reports on serious car accidents regularly crop up on TV, your Facebook feed, and other media; many of them involve speeding. According to 2015 data reported by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (Highway Loss Data Institute), speeding was a contributing factor in roughly 27% of motor vehicle accident fatalities. Even in non-fatal accidents, speeding can increase the chances of serious injuries; the impact of the collision is more powerful and devastating.

Super speeding is a serious danger. The speeding driver and others on the road have much less of a chance to notice a problem and react appropriately. The vehicle is more likely to go out of control even on a straight road that’s in good condition – but especially on curves or turns, and on slick surfaces.

In the aftermath, victims are left facing death or serious injury, significant property damage, and all of the associated expenses, particularly medical bills, lost wages, and repairs.

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