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DC Accident Lawyer on Critical Mechanical Failures That Cause Accidents

Although human error and negligent driving cause much of the accidents on our highways and roads, mechanical failure also contributes substantially. Mechanical failures that cause car accidents will seriously degrade one or more of the items below:

  • Having good control over your car.
  • Having a good view of the road.
  • Being visible to others on the road.

 Four of these failures are:

Bad Tires

Tires provide the traction needed for acceleration, steering, and braking. Worn tread, low tire pressure, and a blowout all have a detrimental effect on the control of your car.

Worn tread affects handling in wet weather as well as braking. When making emergency maneuvers to avoid an accident, worn tread will underperform and work against your efforts. Low tire pressure diminishes your car’s handling in emergency situations. It also increases the risk of a tire blowout. Blowouts will cause loss of control when braking or cornering.

Worn tread and low tire pressure are easily detected. Careful inspection of your tires will reveal damage that could cause a blowout such as bulges, bubbles, and cracking in the rubber .

Bad Brakes

Good brakes are essential for controlling your car. After all, you’ll have to come to a complete stop many times during your drives, and sometimes very quickly. Problems with the hydraulic components and lines may cause loss of brake fluid or otherwise fail to actuate your brakes when you need them.

Brake pads worn down to the metal not only severely weaken your braking ability, but also cause expensive damage to other components of your braking system.

Burned out or Dim Lights

This problem affects your view of the road and your visibility to others at night. Dim headlights or driving with a single headlight, reduces the distance you can see down the road. If you don’t slow down to compensate for this, you may not have enough time to stop for a fallen tree, pedestrian, or other road obstacle. Dim headlights also make it more difficult for others to see you.

Tail lights and brake lights are essential for others behind to see you and to know when you’re braking.

Malfunctioning Windshield Wipers

If your wipers suddenly fail in heavy rain or snowfall, you will instantly lose your ability to see the road and the traffic situation. Likewise, if the brittle rubber of old wiper blades suddenly falls off in bad weather, again, you’ll become blind to what’s outside your windshield. Even the streaking of old wiper blades reduces your view of the road when it’s raining. Streaking also increases headlight glare.

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