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Did road debris play a role in your traffic crash?

When we hear about traffic accidents on the local news, or notice articles about collisions as we scroll through our Facebook feed, road debris usually doesn’t come up as a cause of accidents. For the most part, debris gets mentioned as an effect in the aftermath, such as when a truck spills its contents after a collision. And yet, road debris is a serious contributing factor to vehicular accidents.

A recent study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that between 2011 and 2014, road debris led to over 200,000 crashes in the US. Even though most of these accidents didn’t result in bodily harm, there were still roughly 500 deaths and 39,000 injuries.

Did road debris contribute to your traffic crash?

Road debris can contribute to accidents in a variety of ways. Items loaded onto cars and trucks can fall into the path of oncoming traffic. Branches may break and land on the road during a storm. Passenger vehicle drivers and motorcyclists may encounter anything from discarded furniture to broken bottles tossed out on the road.

Accidents can result from direct collisions with debris or from attempts to swerve and avoid it. Debris can also destroy tires, causing vehicles to go out of control.

When evaluating these kinds of accidents, it’s important to determine how much the debris really contributed to the course of the accident. For example, a crash may have been caused primarily by reckless driver behavior, with the debris playing only a secondary role.

If debris did contribute to the crash in some way, it’s important to ask who might have left it on the road, and who had the responsibility of cleaning it up in a timely way. For example, if an item fell out of a truck, you would need to investigate if the individual or company responsible for loading the truck secured the items properly.

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