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Eastern Shore Accident Lawyer Discusses Senior Driving 2/2

In our last post, we talked about how senior citizens ages 65 and older are more at risk than others on the road not because of their driving abilities but because a crash can cause them more damage than a younger person. Older drivers actually tend to practice safe driving habits that make them less likely to crash, and there are multiple ways seniors can stay safe while operating a vehicle.

The Benefits of Age

Older drivers seem to know their limits in certain areas and take precautions while on the road. For example, older motorists generally use caution and do not drive at night or in bad weather. TheĀ CDC also noted that they are less likely to drink and drive than other adults, and 79% of older individuals involved in severe car accidents wore seat belts compared to 66% of people ages 18-64.

Learning From Your Elders

Using these common sense tactics of buckling up, staying sober and driving only while it is safe are things drivers of all ages can do. When motorists drive recklessly by drinking and driving or engaging in other negligent behaviors, an Eastern Shore accident lawyer could help victims seek compensation for their injuries.

Other Steps

Seniors can ensure they stay sharp while on the road by having their eyes checked annually, using safe routes, planning routes in advance and being aware of the side effects of medications and any possible interactions between medications. Older citizens and all drivers can reduce the risk for an accident by avoiding distractions like cell phones and leaving enough room between vehicles.

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