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Has a car struck your motorcycle on a left turn? Consult with an Anne Arundel County accident lawyer

Motorcyclists are vulnerable on the road, their bodies exposed during collisions and their vehicles sometimes going completely unnoticed.

Although motorcyclists are charged with operating their vehicles responsibly and taking safety precautions (such as wearing a helmet), their well-being also depends on other drivers.

What can happen during a left turn accident?

Sometimes drivers fail to give motorcyclists the right-of-way. For instance, in a recent accident in Severn, a passenger vehicle driver apparently made a left turn into the path of an oncoming motorcycle. The motorcyclist and his passenger suffered critical injuries as a result.

Often, these left turn accidents come about because drivers don’t pay sufficient attention to the presence of motorcycles. They’re generally looking out for trucks or other cars, not smaller vehicles. Their lack of attention can get exacerbated by other factors, such as poor visibility or fatigue.

Unfortunately, even when these collisions occur at relatively low speed, they can lead to severe, costly injuries, especially for anyone on the motorcycle.

Is the driver always at fault?

In accidents of this kind, the driver could readily be found at fault, as failing to yield right-of-way is a clear violation of traffic law. However, this doesn’t mean that the motorcyclist wouldn’t also undergo scrutiny – for example, to check whether or not they were speeding at the time of the collision. As we often discuss on our blog and Facebook page, even accidents that seem straightforward on the surface require a thorough investigation.

Don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Anne Arundel County accident lawyer to review your case. We understand the vulnerabilities and risks that motorcyclists face when they share the road with larger vehicles. Reach us at 844-Take-MyCase or at our website, www.844TakeMyCase.com. Feel free to also follow us on Facebook, as we often use our Facebook page to share various legal news and insights.

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