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How could new technology factor into auto accidents?

If someone hacked into your car’s computer and remotely changed the speedometer to indicate that you weren’t driving as fast as you really were, which led you to get into an accident, would you be held liable for damages caused? How about if the hacker caused your car’s brakes to lock up? What if you were in an accident that involved a driverless car and a hacker who was able to take control of it?

The answers to these questions aren’t completely formulated. However, according to a recent report from CBS, what we do know is this: as technology changes cars and the way we drive them, it also creates opportunity for hackers to wreak havoc that could cause an automobile accident. It’s a concern that both the U.S. military and automakers are interested in addressing. Recent tests have proven that the electronic equivalent of a “skeleton key” can be created in order to gain access to the rapidly increasing computer capabilities of automobiles. The challenge, the article states, is to now find ways to not only plug up existing vulnerabilities but also to create ways for these intricate technologies to communicate with one another and yet be invulnerable to outside attacks.

The well known auto makers are looking at ways to further test their systems, as well as seeking the expertise of Boeing and defense companies as to how to best protect consumers. It will be interesting to see the growing impact of technology and safe technology on the auto insurance industry as well as the legal liability realm when it comes to auto accidents.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident due to the negligence of others, John Critzos can help. For more information, contact us.

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