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Injured in a Car Wreck? 4 Reasons Why You Need a Maryland Accident Attorney

When injured in a Maryland traffic accident that was not your fault, you should consider hiring a Maryland accident attorney.  Auto accident victims have rights under the law, but knowing what they are and protecting them require an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer.  Here are four reasons to hire an attorney after a Maryland auto accident.

1)  You might want to sue the other driver and his insurance company.  If so, then you only have a specific amount of time to gather the necessary documentation and present it to the court.  A Maryland accident attorney understands this process and ensures that your court filings follow court rules and occur in a timely manner.

2)  The other driver’s insurance company might contact you and offer a settlement.  If this happens, then you need a Maryland accident attorney to protect your interests.  The opposing insurance company is not your friend and may offer you much less money than your situation warrants. If you accept the settlement offer, you will forever give up your right to sue the other party. Your Maryland accident attorney will review the insurance company’s offer and determine whether or not you should accept it.  

3) If you do sue, you want to receive just compensation.  You can often recover money for lost wages, emotional distress and pain that you have endured.  Only an experienced Maryland accident attorney can determine what your damages are and make sure that you receive all of the money that you deserve.

4) Suing a negligent driver is a complicated operation.  It involves researching case-law, filing motions, compiling evidence, interviewing witnesses and more.  Specific rules and procedures apply.  Only an experienced, dedicated Maryland accident attorney can successfully navigate this intricate process and craft a winning case.

When injured in a car wreck through no fault of your own, contact us.  The Law Offices of John Critzos, II are here to protect your rights.

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